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  • Notification issues

    I just noticed that my membership has expired. For some reason I've never been able to get any email notifications from this site no matter what I do in my settings. Is there someone that can help me resolve this issue before I renew?

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    Try this:

    Go into "Setting" from the upper right hand corner of your screen

    On the left hand side you will see "My Settings"

    Go into "General Settings"

    Make sure under "receive email" the two top boxes have a check mark in them. The third one is up to you.

    If that does not work, pm and let me know. I don't have access as an administrator but Lynne does and I can have her look at your account to see if there is something off on our end.

    Also, could they be going into your Spam folders or being deleted automatically as your system is reading them as potential spam?
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      I would never get notifications on my Comcast account no matter what I tried, so I just changed it to my work e-mail and I get notifications now.