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    That's a good reference... get a system that's dimmable so you can slowly get the corals/clam accustomed to the lighting.
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      What size tank will you be putting the led's over? I would recommend that you get a dimmable fixture such as Aqua Illuminations Sol systems, or if you will be DIY make sure to build it with dimmers. Not only will it help to acclimate the corals to the stronger light, you can easily adjust to a visual preference the blue to white ratio. Here is a link to the AI sol's if you choose to go that route I would be more than happy to help you out.

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        So, since I have both a home built and an AI SOL fixture over my tanks I'd have to say that the AI Sol's are worth the little bit of extra money over home built. When I initially did my build the AI Sol's were around 800 a piece, and now they are closer to 400, which is about what I have in my home built system. Both systems work well, and I have coral growing under both, but if I was jumping into LED's now, I'd just buy the AI Sol's and call it a day
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