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September 19, 2020 Fish Food Making! 1 - 3 PM

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  • September 19, 2020 Fish Food Making! 1 - 3 PM

    We are having a Fish Food Making Meeting in LynneC's garage. We will need to maintain social distancing and wear masks when in close proximity to one another.

    If we have enough people sign up to bring Fish Food ingredients, we will have a Fish Food making meeting. Those interested in attending should sign up to bring $15.00 worth of fish food ingredients. Please use this thread to sign up for items to bring. If it looks like we are not getting enough ingredients, we will have a regular meeting on September 19th and move the Fish Food making event to October.

    Send LynneC a private message for directions to the house.

    Broccoli (1 pound) - Chris Carey
    Kale - Barry Keith
    Spinach (9 oz) - Sheleen
    Frozen Brine Shrimp (16 ounces) - Sheleen
    Frozen Krill (16 ounces)
    Frozen Silverside (1 pounds)
    Frozen Bloodworms (8 ounces)
    Rockfish (1 pounds)- JasonR
    Lobster tail (8 ounces) - JasonR
    Salmon (1 pound) (remove skin) - JasonR
    Scallops (1 pound) - Sheleen
    Shrimp (2 pound - peeled) - Jack Wolfe
    Soft Crab (4 crabs) - Cynthia
    Seaweed multiple varieties - Christy
    Garlic Xtreme - Lynne
    Freeze Dried Rotifers (1 ounce)
    Brine Shrimp Eggs Decapsulated
    Freeze Dried or Frozen Plankton - Sheleen
    Reef Plus Concentrated Vitamins and Amino Acid Supplement - Lynne
    RO/DI - Lynne
    Frozen PE Mysis - JasonR
    Squid - Barry Keith
    Phytoplankton Cyclopeeze/Reef Roids -Lynne

    Club provided ingredients
    Quart size Ziploc bags
    Ken's Premium Golden Pearls 500-800 microns - 2, 4 0z. packages
    Ken's Freeze dried mysis shrimp - 2, quarter pound packages
    Ken's Low Temperature Dried Daphia - 2, quarter pound packages
    Ken's Freeze Dried Superba Krill - quarter pound package
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    I will be out of town. I would like to purchase a bag though.
    Or I could drop off some spinach and the seaweed multiple varieties, and anything else that is needed.
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      If we don’t get enough folks to sign up to bring ingredients, we will have a standard Ciub Meeting and move the fish food making to October.


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        Hi Everyone, If you are planning on bringing items to the Fish Food Making Meeting please sign up! We are also going to have a sidewalk sale so bring your equipment to trade or sell.


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          Hi. Ill be there
          frozen brine
          Plankton if I can find it
          90 gal.. new soft corals and fish
          26 gal bow front


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            I can grab some pe mysis, lobster tail, rockfish and salmon.