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9 JAN 2021 Trip to Richmond, VA area fish and coral stores

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  • 9 JAN 2021 Trip to Richmond, VA area fish and coral stores

    Trip to Richmond, VA area fish and coral stores:

    First Stop: We will meet at 10:00 am at Chris Wooten’s house in Mechanicsville, VA 23111 – We will send the address by private message so please respond to this thread. You can also send an email or private message to LynneC or cynthia1756.

    Videos from Chris Wooten's stock:

    Second Stop: Tiki Corals, 10211 Staples Mill Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060, (804) 562-6733

    Third Stop: Azalea Aquariums 201 Azalea Avenue, Richmond, VA 23227

    Possibly 4th and 5th stops depending on what everyone wants to do:

    Richmond Aquarium LLC, 10003 Hull Street Rd, North Chesterfield, VA 23236, (804) 276-3474

    Fish World, 11634A Busy Street, Richmond, VA 23236

    There will be a cash door prize.

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    Definitely going to make this trip.


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      Yep Me too! Cynthia and I had a great time when we went last month!


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        Count me in


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          My wife (Brigid) and I would love to tag along. We live in Mechanicsville.



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            Had a great time at the travelling meet. Door prize was awesome, ty Lynne.

            Tiki corals is a really great store I wish was here.
            Chris has a fantastic selection of everything and I took advantage of that. I forgot to take pics of his coral. I will be ready to go back whenever we can do this again.

            I ended up getting 6 acros, 4 zoas, 1 rainbow cloves from Chris, clean up crew, LRS food and Hanna phosphate reagent from Tiki corals.

            What a great trip.


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              It was an awesome Trip!!! I was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures again!

              Chris does have a great selection and I bought some really nice acros, favias, a blasto and a couple of complimentary zoas!

              I love Tiki Corals. It would be awesome to have aomeplace like that here. I bought a rock anemone.

              We won’t be going to Azalea Fish store again. That place made me want a shower after we left! Yuck! lol


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                Brigid and I enjoyed meeting everyone. We had a great time. Our little tank is now cycling!