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    Ah Ha... thought you "looked" familar

    Glad to have you here, enjoy, hope to see you for real at the next meeting... if it's not too far away. Where is Perry Hall anyway?
    Never too old to learn,

    120 In-wall mixed Reef


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      Originally posted by scarter View Post
      yeah, CMAS and RC. don't really post much on RC, more of a lurker. everyone over there makes a great effort to debate anything you post. its annoying when you state an obvious fact and someone feels the need to dissagree... but thats another rant
      I dissagree with you scarter!


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        Originally posted by gazoo View Post
        I dissagree with you scarter!
        I do to hehehehe

        Found this on RC.

        Originally posted by scarter
        can I promote my local club

        can I promote my local club in the lounge or reef discussion forums? sort of a "anyone in my area looking for a local club" type post? Just wanted to ask before I embarrased myself or my club. I know I was a member of RC for a while berore I discovered my local club.
        Thanks in advance!

        I am a long time RC member also, and I am the one who got us our own forum on RC. But I also agree with you that know one really reads it.

        ALSO I love your avatar on RC.
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          Originally posted by Ken View Post
          Found this on RC.
          dude, are you stalking me? J/K.

          The Avatar started as a sort of joke, a year or so ago there was a large thread about how people hated when reefers called their fish nemo and dori. apparently it drives some people crazy. so I slapped it on there and it just stuck with me. its funny because sometimes people assume I may not know what I am talking about because of the "childish" avatar. but they figure it out eventually.


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            ken and gazoo,
            It would have been even better if you went into some sort of rant about how the nice people on RC are only trying to help and provide thier opinion and how i should lighten up.....