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    Sooooo.... How do you regain interest in a hobby that you have been doing for 5 years???

    Usually every few years I get burnt out on a hobby and move on to something else. Well, honestly I am getting burnt out on the marine hobby. My quote in my sig says it all. It just seems like every week something else is up and I am spending more money. This hobby is really starting to break the bank for me. Any advice would be great. I started a frag tank hoping to seel corals, but everyone else is selling corals and we just dont have many buyers, plus we are all selling the same corals.

    P.S. I may have MACNA tickets up for sale, finding out know if I can transfer them.

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    I think you just need to cut back to one tank and enjoy it...get everything setup on that one tank and maybe buy or trade a coral here and there and buy bulbs as needed...I can't wait till I get my big tank set up and get rid of all these little tanks...granted I will still have some other tanks but they will most likely be plumbed into the main tank, so it's one water change, one param check...make things simpler and let you have more time to enjoy the tank...


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      No such thing as scaling back to just one tank. There will always be a reason to setup another one. It is an expensive hobby, always something to spend more money on.

      This winter when you're spending more time inside, you'll start enjoying it more.

      Start raising those maroon clown babies, that will keep you occupied. They're really cute to watch and see the changes as they transform into real fish. Then again, you'll be setting up more tanks, raising rotifers and brine shrimp, etc. I'm REALLY happy with this past weekend's percula hatch, tomatos didn't hatch as well, but that was a good thing. Tomato has already laid yet AGAIN! Percs will probably lay again in a couple of days.
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        i find to get myself back into a hobby i have to find some one that has been thinking about starting and tell them everything i know.. makes me want to start all over
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          I know the feeling ken. But i have to agree with Doug. I've spent a lot of money on this hobby and there have been times where i'm pretty sure that emily wanted to throw the tank out because i was going overboard. But scaling back might just be the trick. Setup your system so that maintaining it is cake. Plus going to MACNA should give you a jump start. I have high hopes for MACNA this year. But what it really comes down to is you have to do what makes you happy. If the hobby isn't doing that find another one. Or just have one less hobby for a while. Best of luck.


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            I wrote this response last nite but for some reason it would not post. I think my issue right now is my stress levels are high and I have way to much going on in my world.

            Next year I will be on tons of travel and will not be home much which sucks because I want to be with my family as my daughter grows.
            College is sucking right now, classes are just not friendly with me.
            Work sucks, spending my days preparing drawing packages and writing curriculum.

            Wanting to spend all of my time with our daughter, but get invovled with too much around the house.

            I dont think I will be getting out of the hobby and it is impossible to scale back. I have a 24 gal nano which the only thing I do to it is feed it and 5 gal water change every 3 weeks. Maintenance free....

            My 150 gal tank is pretty much maintenance free, it is on a controller so I do nothing but feed and 40 gal water change every 3 weeks.

            This is my kicker, I am also responsible for a 150 gal, 58 gal and 28 gal at my father in laws. All he does is feed and clean glass, I do the rest. Believe me, 1 coral looks bad, the whole tank looks like crap to him. The 58 gal has hair algae and he is ready to destroy the tank, the 150 gal just does not grow like mine and right now the 28 gal is the best looking tank. IF he could, he already wants like 2 more tanks. I have talked to him about condensing to 1 big tank, never will happen..... Believe me, I think he is tired of my telling him "well we need to buy this", just alot of stuff to take care of 3 tanks.

            More stress, The Library Tank, being the leader of the team is not going so good, I am just not a good leader and have never been in leader position. I have always been a follower. I feel I have made more enemies and now half the team is gone. Most of my issues come about when people who are responsible for there week, acknowledge they will be there, and then never show up. We have specific task that need to be done, but they are not being done. I cant even do them. I cant perform water changes due to me not having RO/DI available to myself. SO I only perform top offs. Last week I noticed according to the log the tank has not had a water change in about 7 weeks. Then again, I need to find someone to take my spot, next year I will be on travel and will not be apart of the team.

            Then I have the club and my vice president roles, which I feel I am not a good vice president. I want to be the member who shows up and just enjoys the meeting, not the person who is first there, setups, discuss, tear downs, and last to leave. The weeknight meetings have killed me and the wife on this one. Leaving for work at 620am and not getting home till after the meeting at 930pm. I also just don't need the added stresses of figuring out the symposium and field trips. Also having 2 BOD members in the same house has not been good. If one of us has plans, we both miss the meeting. Just like the upcoming September meeting, I hope Mike is not on travel, Me and Lissa will not be there.

            My reason for posting the MACNA tickets, I have been going for 4 years now, D.C, Houston, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta. All I get out of them is a bunch of fliers and freebies. I dont buy much, dont really get invovled in the raffle, and I have not even seen a speech since Houston. This year, I would rather just save the $1000 dollars to attend and use it towards my family or house. $ 200 for tickets, $470 for room, $150 in gas, $40 in tolls, $60 in parking at hotel and then food expenses for 3 days, buying items, buying corals, and etc..... Economy is tough right now, and I think I have better uses for that money.

            I enjoy the hobby, but as I told my wife last night, when a hobby becomes more work than fun, you loose the enjoyment. When a hobby takes away from family time, you loose the enjoyment. I love my tanks and they are very easy to take care of. Maybe it is the fact that I dont even pay attention to my tank. It is in a room that we seldom use. The only room in the house it can go in.

            Please dont take me wrong, I have to vent.... This is something I dont think I can vent in the BOD area, this is for everyone to see.

            Want to make it official also, this November when it comes time for reelections of the BOD members, I will not be running and will be stepping down. Travel with work, and spending more quality time with my daughter and wife are a higher precedence, also finishing my last year of college.


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              ken- maybe its just me but id tell the inlaw to take care of his own stuff. esp. if he will complain that the tank looks off and all he does is feed and clean glass. Family is always number 1 as i posted somewhere elese, i quit other hobbies to pick this up so i can be home not at the track all the time. good luck
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                agree with the taking care of ther peoples tanks. if they want a tank they can take care of it. if they want some help or advice thats different
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                  a little different when your house is 180 ft from his house. obligation


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                    no obligation. just go tell him.. i dont have time anymore.. or just kill it all and say oh well
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                      Completely understood Ken, don't feel bad about venting. It's good for the soul. You make a lot of good points, way too many for me to answer right now, but I want to ensure you that you haven't made any enimies in this club. We do appreciate what you have contributed to SMMAS over the years, and yeah, it can be stressful at times but in the long run, I think it's worth it.

                      Take care of yourself and your family first, I think you are just overloaded right now and it's getting to you. BTW, I'll buy those MACNA tickets off you if you want...
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                        He should be up to speed on the tank by now shoudnt he?

                        I do nothing to the tank. All i need to get is an ato cause i have 6-8 months road time nxt year. Ill do water changes every few weeks. Bigger tanks seem to be self maintained.
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                        Ken said no more picts..

                        Originally posted by fishnub
                        i havnt touched mine in 2 months almost.


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                          MACNA Tickets are sold and transfered, Thanks Mike....

                          Tony you would think, but if you had someone taking care of your tank 24/7, would you worry about learning about it.