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Belize Blue Hole

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  • Belize Blue Hole

    This is almost worth getting my diving license and wanting to check it out. Maybe Tony can set up a trip.

    The Blue Hole is almost 1000 feet in diameter and over 450 feet deep. Its walls are almost perfectly vertical and fairly smooth, except at a few points where there are large ledges and overhangs. It is here that we find enormous stalactites (hanging down), stalagmites (building up) and columns (when stalactites and stalagmites meet) dating from the Pleistocene period. Due to the earthquake mentioned above, some stalactites hang at a 12-degree angle, cluing scientists such an event happened since stalactites cannot form except in a perfectly perpendicular manner. Some formations that happened after the earthquake are indeed perpendicular, and in some of the stalactites that formed before the earthquake one can see the top parts being at an angle and their bottom parts, which kept forming afterwards, being perpendicular.
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    Looks like it is about $700 - $1000 for a week there. includes 11 dives


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      I'm soooo down if I ever get my passport!!! It's been 5 months now! Tony, however, has received his! But no vacations w/out me!!


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        Oh that looks like it would be nice diving. I want to learn to dive as well.

        Always have.



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          Hey Sandy, do it!!!

          Andrew and I were certified in south Florida back in 1999, it was a blast! There are dive shops around here and I would think up your way too. I think most of the local shops go to VA or PA for the "open water" part of your certification in a rock query... not as much fun as south Florida but it works!

          The cool part is these shops plan trips all the time, with group rate prices which is cheaper than going with just 1 other dive buddy.

          Personally, I need to get recertified, if you don't dive often enough you tend to forget things... in my case... well, you know, mad cow.
          Never too old to learn,

          120 In-wall mixed Reef