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New corals from Window Reefs for my tank

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  • New corals from Window Reefs for my tank

    Here are a few of the recent additions to my tank. I got all of these from Window Reefs. The prices were great and so are the corals. Keep in mind that they had only been in my tank for about 48 hours, after being acclimated and dipped, when I took these pictures. The pictures were taken with a gel filter on my cell phone camera.
    Pictured above is a Blue Cali Tort frag. It is small, about 1.5 inches, but you can see how deep the color is in the frag. It is a really nice deep blue color with green corallite walls. Christian was nice enough to take a frag off of a good looking large piece for me.
    I also got this nice piece of Purple Pocillipora. It is about 2.5" tall and has green tips under my aquarium lights. Unfortunately, it is in the back of the aquarium and it appears quite fuzzy in the picture. The picture does not do it justice.
    I also picked up this frag of Red Planet. This piece has a very deep red color in the polyps. You can also see the green in the base of this piece, where it is encrusted over the plug.
    Next is the Purple Bonsai. I had been wanting one of these for a while. You can see that the coloration in this piece is really good and the frag has encrusted far beyond the plug. The polyps are incredibly bright looking when the lights are in their "sunset" mode.
    The last of my acquisitions over the weekend was this nice piece of coral with an unknown name. Christian said that it is a Walt Smith piece and the name could possibly be Blue Eyes. It is a nice size piece with a surprise. This piece has a coral crab living in between the branches. It is so small that it has been impossible to get a picture of just yet. It lives down between the branches of the coral.
    I did not just get this piece. I won it at the last club meeting as a raffle prize. It is a Toxic Green Hammer that was donated by Window Reefs. It is doing well and is very bright green. Thanks to Window Reefs for supporting the club. I hope to be back for more pieces in the future.

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    Those are some nice corals! Christian's corals are always great! I got a wall hammer last month from him and it's doing awesome! I have a photogenic mummy eye that I bought from him last year that started with two eyes that now has 30! The list goes on.
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      I bought some new corals from Window Reefs at the meeting, so I thought I would post some pictures on of what they look like. I also thought that it would be good to update what the others, from before, look like now.
      First, the new corals:

      Mummy’s Eye

      Red Dragon

      Leishman’s Tabling

      Miyogi Tort

      Freaky Tiki

      Now for the update:

      Cali Blue Tort - You can see, compared to the old post, it is growing nicely.
      cali blue tort 3.13.18.jpg

      Purple Pocillipora - This coral just got mounted in a permanent home. It kept falling over, which probably did not help its growth any.

      Red Planet - This coral is recovering, after a losing battle with a hammer coral. It fell out of the rock and landed in my large hammer. It turned all of the tips white. This was about two weeks ago, but it is recovering nicely.

      Purple Bonsai - This coral just got mounted in a permanent position. It has been doing well.

      Unnamed - This coral, and its coral crab, are doing great. The polyps are always extended and the crab seems happy. However, since entering my tank, it has turned a deep purple with bright blue tips. (See the previous post for how it looked before).

      Toxic Green Hammer -

      I have been very happy with the corals I have purchased from Window Reefs and hope the new ones will do just as well.