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Corals and fish this weekend at Solomons Library

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  • Corals and fish this weekend at Solomons Library

    Window Reefs will be on site for the October 20 meeting at Solomons Library. In addition to the usual awesomely priced corals, I will have some Fully Conditioned fish and inverts available. Including:

    Purple Tang sm/md 120
    Yellow Tang 35
    Foxface 35 SOLD
    Oscellaris clowns (3 available) 15 ea
    Royal Gramma 25
    Green Chromis 6 (2 available) SOLD Ken H.
    Feather Dusters 10
    Striped Serpant 10
    Long Spine Brittle Star 10
    Large Cleaner Shrimp 25
    Rainbow Bubbletip Lg 60
    Rose Bubbletips Sm/md 40 (2 available)

    Let me know ahead of time about fish and inverts if you want me to bring them to the meeting. Otherwise, stop by and grab them from the shop and checkout all the great corals while you are there.
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    I will take both Green Chromis
    Ken Higgins
    120 gallon reef
    125 gallon fresh water
    50 gallon fresh water


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      Thanks Christian for donating the awesome frags for the raffle yesterday! The frag I won is doing great.