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    Guys, I had the opportunity to stop in at Tropical Lagoon Aquarium shop in Silver Spring, MD on Tuesday, The shop may not be more than 1500 square feet, but it is all tanks, 3 high, 6 long, 4 rows. There were probably eight 100g tanks full of just super mature corals - mostly softies. There is also a large frags tank with plenty of unique offerings. There's a large tub of live rock, 10 tanks of freshies. Prices were amazing - I walked out with three huge pieces. As they were wrapping them up a delivery came and he asked me if I was looking for any designer clowns. We pulled out a pair of gold nugget maroons, which were priced less for the pair than I could find for a single elsewhere. Steve is the owner/operator, and was extremely knowledgeable and nice. I will definitely be making a trip back.

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    Wow! What a great find! Maybe SMMAS could go on a field trip there. I know I would love to go.


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      Tropical Lagoon has been at that location for years. I have been to the store several times and he has always had good stuff. He used to be on ground level, but moved to the basement a few years ago. Parking in the area is sometimes an issue, but usually worth it
      Ken Higgins
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        Thanks, Ken. All of the Saltwater Aquarium stores are new to me. Since I've joined the group, I'm just finding out about them. I'll go by myself sometime and check it out.