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    One of our school sponsors has decided to have the tanks removed from their school. We were able to relocate the 125 gallon tank to the teck center in place of the tank that was there. The other tank is a 70 gallon bow tank. This was set up for freshwater fish. I have the tank and equipment here at my house for the time being. We have gone through the stuff that and kept what was good. Unfortunately the LED light was 1) a fire hazard because the switch on the light did not work and 2) a fire hazard because the plug transformer was cracked open and barley held together with duct tape. This was not know to any of us prior to removing the tank

    The reason I am writing is because the club and I need help with this tank. We would like to find a school that would like this tank set up for education. There is no stand for this so this may be a problem. The other alternative is selling the tank. I have posted this on a few sites, but I have not had many hits for it. As of now, I have the tank, gravel, heater, filter, top and other items like decor and chemicals up for $100. This is a fraction of what we have all paid, and there is very little interest in it.

    We are asking that club members help with this tank to find a home at a new school, or to help selling the tank for the club

    Any questions please let me know. Pictures can be sent if needed or requested

    Ken Higgins
    120 gallon reef
    125 gallon fresh water
    50 gallon fresh water

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    Have you tried any Facebook pages?
    If not, would you send me (via gmail) the listing you used and I'll post on FB at a few market places I've joined.
    Worth a shot if you haven't already tried it.

    90 gal.. new soft corals and fish
    26 gal bow front