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    I just signed up for the site, thank you Lynne for the assistance. A buddy Chris Bender recommended joining due to I guess most members being local and I am trying to get a new salt water reef tank set up. I am from Florida and moved up here about 19yrs ago. Still hate the cold and at a minimum I will retire back in Florida unless I can get down there sooner. haha. Then I can go out and catch my tank fish like I used to in high school and college.

    Main hobby is cars. I own a part time performance shop but work at PAX full time.

    I currently have a 40 gallon long freshwater tank. Nothing too special imo. I have always been a saltwater person, but the wife and kids wanted something and I didn't feel like setting up a saltwater tank as I didn't trust the stores in the area. This 40 gallon has been in the family for over 45yrs. My dad had a part time business building tanks back in Florida.

    Well, someone at work asked if I wanted another tank. At first they said it was a 55 gallon corner tank and came with everything they had. heater, air pump, Fluval cannister filter. All free. So I couldn't pass it up. However, after taking possession it turns out that it is a 35 gallon. No big deal, I will still set it up. Since it is deeper and taller than my 40 gallon it should allow me to setup a nice little reef tank with some nice fish.

    I will have plenty of questions. It has been 20 yrs since I had a salt tank and back then the filter system was using bioballs and stuff. Now it appears these cannister filters are the way to go. I have a Cascade on my 40 gallon. Looks like I need to buy a protein skimmer since I want live rock and I would like to buy an RO filter system and start using that for my water changes. I also need to have the glass top repaired on this corner tank as the prior owner cracked part of it. I was thinking about doing one myself with plexi, but I would need to research the hinge options.

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    Welcome to the site. Yes it can definitely get cold here. I am all for warmer climates.

    The club has been around for many years and has lots of knowledgeable members in both salt and fresh water aquariums. Please feel free to post questions in the forums.

    We are looking forward to meeting you at the March meeting.


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      Welcome to the site. I too am a transplant from Florida. Look forward to meeting you at the March meeting.


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        i also work at pax fulltime


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          Welcome to the club. Prior to me joining the group, I set up a salt tank with undergravel filter system. That too was what was best when I had last had one. Things have changed for the better, and that was the first thing that I was told had to go. Any questions, just ask, alot of knowledge in the group
          Ken Higgins
          120 gallon reef
          125 gallon fresh water
          50 gallon fresh water


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            I work at pax fulltime as well! I would like to retire someday but I don’’’t see it in the cards with this hobby!
            LOL One day I may be holding a cardboard sign that says “will work for a coral frag”.
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