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  • Big thank you!

    This is a shout out to Jeff (Ichthus) for coming to the rescue and averting a serious leak on my 220 gal reef tank while i am out on travel.

    Wife came home to a wet floor and did not know where the water was coming from. i walked her thru turning off the pump closing some valves and still water was dripping from under the tank. she saw that water was leaking from the back where the bulkhead was. She was not able to tighten the bulkhead nut and i could see water was leaking pretty bad thru video. i called Jeff and even though he was feeling under the weather he drove to my home and helped controlled the leak to just a drop every couple of minutes. I cannot thank him enough for helping me or helping my wife while i was out of town in Utah.

    i want to thank Jeff (his wife and son) for stopping by and help avert a disaster from either a flooded basement, dead fish or corals. thanks to Cynthia too and others who provided container for standby in case we needed them,


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    Wow! I am glad Jeff was able to go over and fix the leak! That is awesome!


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      That was great Jeff. Always good when we hear stories like this preventing disaster.and getting help from another member
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        Yikes! Out of town is the reefers worst enemy. I have been there. Having reefing buddies on call when I'm out of town gives me a huge piece of mind though. Hope it was repairable.


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          So glad you got the help you needed. This is why local clubs are so important.
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