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  • Halloween in the Garden info

    We got in touch with Crystal at Ann Marie Gardens today in regards to a table at their Halloween in the Garden. Here are some of the highlights:

    1) No generators are allowed. If power is to be needed, it is an additional $50. We must provide our own 50-100' grounded outdoor cord.
    2) We are able to use the Wooden Path booth that is shown as a donation amount, and have a raffle item. She said that the average donation amount is $50.
    3) If the group wants our name in the program, we need to have the application filled out and turned in by October 1st. Sooner application turn in, would be more of a priority. If we go forward with this, we must put attention Crystal on the form
    4) The form also asks what we will have at our booth. Planning of this would have to happen ASAP. (cards, flyers, hand outs, etc)
    5) Candy is in the booth rules. They say to hand 1 family friendly, kid friendly gift or candy to each trick-or-treater. The number they put to this is 2000-3000 kids!!! I have been looking around for candy prices. Walmart had not gotten their big bags out yet, but Big Lots had good candy for $10.88 for 210 pieces.
    6) More detailed rules are on their web page

    As mentioned at the club meeting, we are looking for members to have input on this. We need members to help with this event, in ideas for the booth, candy donation, and to help at the booth. A BOD member will be at the booth for the entire event. We also need members the day of the event to help get set up (if not done night before), to give candy to kids and talk to people interested in the group. We need to get the SMMAS name out there to get membership up. We all know there are more people in this area that have tanks, fresh and salt, that have not heard of us.

    Looking for input from the club. Open to comments on this event

    Ken Higgins
    120 gallon reef
    125 gallon fresh water
    50 gallon fresh water

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    Thatís great news. I think we should move forward with the power option and count me in for whatever help we may need. I think that this is the perfect venue to re-establish our name in the hobby and community.


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      I will be there to help and also donate some candy.


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        I will be available as one of the board members and donate candy.
        90 gal.. new soft corals and fish
        26 gal bow front


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          I will be availble as one of the one of the board members and also donate candy. I'm hoping to see more members take part as everyone at the meeting thought it was a good idea.