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  • Tangs in 90g

    Hi - I'm fairly new to saltwater tanks. I'd like to get a tang for my 90 gal tank. I know that if I get one I will most likely have to trade it to someone as they grow quickly and won't fair well in this size tank. My question is - is this a feasible option or should I spend my money on other fish that will fit tank better and I won't have to sell/trade later on...right now I have a rabbitfish, hawkfish, dottyback, wrasse and 5 chromis. I'm considering getting one or two smaller angelfish.

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    What type of tang are you looking to get? I have had a yellow tang for several years and still happy in my 120. Yes, some tangs can become large, and out grow a 90 very quickly.
    Ken Higgins
    120 gallon reef
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      Ken Higgins - I'd love a blue tang but my son's telling me that he would grow too fast, so would get a yellow tang.


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        You can also do a smaller bristletooth type tang, like a yellow-eyed Kole or a Tomini tang or most of the genus Ctenochaetus, I would think