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Sump flow rate?

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  • Sump flow rate?

    I just added an inline carbon filter to the sump return, which cut my flow rate down to 100-150 gph. Do you think this is sufficient flow rate for my 55 gallon tank/ 10 gallon sump? The sump only has my pumps, tubes, and skimmer. I plan to upsize my sump to 20, just haven't had the time yet.

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    IMHO I think you'll be fine. It's more important to have good flow within the aquarium than the turn over from the sump to the main tank. Years ago the augument was that you should have a 4 to 6 times flow rate for your tank, a 100 gallon tank should turn over 400 to 600 gallons per hour. Now-a-days we realize the importance is the flow rate within the aquarium.
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      Thanks Mike. I have three medium sized power-heads in the tank, not sure what their flow rates are.