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Cynthia's Re-Vamping and Skimmer Working YEAH

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  • Cynthia's Re-Vamping and Skimmer Working YEAH

    Hey club. Well my brother has done it again! He came up this past weekend and totally re-did all my rock work and adhered all my frags to permanent homes since my eel is getting more adventurous and was knocking things around. Also, getting it ready for my little shark for when he becomes bigger. It looks great! I will post pics when everything settles down. And YES, my skimmer is NOW working. YEAH. Only six months in the works. I have egg crate material covering the tank top so my guys don't decide to commit suicide. The good news is he FINALLY convinced my husband to install LED's into the ceiling. So, now I have to save up and do some extensive research to get some LED's on my tank.
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    That sounds great! Let's see a picture?

    Do you have any small fish like wrasses - maybe like a sixline? Narrower fish have been know to jump right through the egg crate. You might look into the 1/4" clear nylon bird netting sold by Bulk Reef Supply. A lot of people like it because it keeps fish better, and probably blocks less light.

    LEDs are very enticing, no doubt. There is a lot of discussion on Reef Central now regarding successes and failures keeping certain corals with them, and also about the light spectrum they provide. Manufacturers are now researching the incorporation of blue and red LEDs into their fixtures, in the hope of achieving the "full-spectrum" goal. Worth some serious thought before an investment!


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      So, I was FINALLY home long enough to take pics of everything. One of the pics is the PVC pipe my brother put in and hid or the eel. That is it's new favorite place and he is not moving around as much and knocking stuff over like it was. The shark still uses the same spot as it's home even though we created ledges for him to hide under. Overall, everything is starting to look really nice. Boy, the skimmer made a HUGE difference. Sorry about the crappy pics. I did not want to stick my GOPRO in there just yet while my new fish are still adjusting.

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        Nice! It's come a long ways!!!!
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          Originally posted by cynthia1756 View Post
          ...Sorry about the crappy pics. I did not want to stick my GOPRO in there just yet while my new fish are still adjusting.

          Stage fright?

          Tank is looking better and better, what kind of skimmer did you get?
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            Looking really good!!