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  • RO/DI Mounted

    Ended up finally mounting my RO/DI stage 5 plus system today. Perfect spot in my basement sewer ejector pump and sump drain pump closet.

    I need to reroute the lines/shorten them and have to add a booster pump but big part is done. Gonna have my electrician come and add an outlet and light to brighten it up some.
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    A booster pump would be a great addition to the system. I bought a 5 stage RODI from someone who was getting out of the hobby and used the parts to build the system in the picture. I upgraded mine to the 150 gallon per day system, added the new cation, anion and mixed bed stages, as well as a booster pump. The booster pump is hiddedn behind a cabinet near the system. My pressure went from 40 to 80. It produces water much faster than before. The supply water comes in at 140 TDS and leaves the dual bladders at 2 TDS. Of course, after first two resin stages it is 0 TDS. The mixed bed is just in case the first two become exhausted.

    The extra line supplies drinking water to the kitchen. It splits off after the RO stage, but before the resin stages. There is also a one way valve in the kitchen line to prevent water being forced back by the pressure from the bladder in the holding tank under the sink. I have no complaints about this setup. It does a great job of supplying drinking water, as well as water for my reef tank.


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      Very nice.

      I might upgrade mine more later but I only paid $100 for this and just purchased new media with the booster pump. Iím only using it for the tanks so I should be good weekly/biweekly.


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        Installed my booster pump and additional pressure gauge today along with the pressure switch. I redid the Teflon on all the fittings as well and all the lines to clean it up for my install. I am waiting on the new updated flow restrictor flush valve and then will replace the media and set pressure, then I will be ready to make quality water.