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Apex Mounted, Tank painted and Rock Test Run

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  • Apex Mounted, Tank painted and Rock Test Run

    Ended up getting the Apex controller mounted. I need to mount my surge protector above it but need smaller screws than I have. Also painted the back of the tank. I tried the film from Petco, but it didn't look right since it can have air gaps between it and the glass. I also put in the dry rock I bought and I need about 20 more pounds I think. I am not happy with what BRS supplied me. I think I got ripped off based on what I paid and received. I also didn't get what I requested with it. Either way I will make it work, but I am looking at over $300 is dry rock for this little tank. I think that is absurd. It is the only issue I have had with them though. I will post some pics in a minute. This site isn't mobile friendly.

    Oh yeah, I also glued all my fittings that needed glued and cut the holes in the walls for the hoses and electrical connections to pass through for my refugium location.

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      Getting will be up and running before you know it
      Ken Higgins
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