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Refugium is done

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  • Refugium is done

    Refugium is done and leak tested. Gonna clean up a few silicone spots but overall I think it came out great and should serve its purpose for a year or so till I go with a bigger one. Water level will end up higher than I like but I have a check valve on my return line so it shouldn’t have to store too much extra water if failure. And yes I filled the return side first to make sure bubble trap and refuge section didn’t leak and ended on the drain side. Next is to setup tank outside and leak test it with everything running

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    looks good to me. I am sure you made sure your pump, heater and all will fit in each chamber. This is an issue that I have with mine, but I am learning from my mistakes!!!
    Ken Higgins
    120 gallon reef
    125 gallon fresh water
    50 gallon fresh water


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      Yup. I placed them before figuring out widths and included the reactor pump as well


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        That looks fantastic! That should do quite nicely!