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  • Help, kind of desperate

    Anyone down here, maybe in Mechanicsville have copper power or cupramine? Just found out one of my clowns appears to have ick and last time I was in Petco they didn't have anything to help treat it and I never ordered any. Medications is on my list to order and just never did. Dumb me. I am heading out of town for a couple of days sunday and wanted to at least get something in the QT tomorrow. Long story I can explain later. Just very frustrated and kinda freaking out a bit. Try to do everything right and this happens at the 11th hour.

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    Jeff had some cupramine I grabbed from him.


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      Hey how are your fish doing?


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        So far so good. Female was acting a little lame when back in QT. Not sure if it was the ick, not having companion for a day or stress from the swap. But now acting like nothing happened. I need to grab a light for the qt tank Tuesday so I can see the fish better but she sits in hiding anytime Iím around.